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Neuroleadership Training Programme

The global economic landscape is currently characterised by what is known as a VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity – world, presenting significant challenges and concerns for all organisations. Concurrently, Brunei Darussalam declared Wawasan Brunei 2035 that one of the goals is to ensure the nation develops a dynamic and sustainable economy in 2035. This challenging environment necessitates resilient leadership to navigate it effectively. It is projected that institutions with effective leadership are three times more likely to be among the top 20% of institutions with the best financial performance compared to those without it. Research indicates that among various leadership styles, transformational leadership is considered the most effective, as it significantly enhances employee satisfaction. This, in turn, propels organisations towards achieving their set objective. Furthermore, recognising that effective leadership is the cornerstone of fruitful interpersonal dynamics, it is essential for leaders within organisations to grasp the intricacies of brain functionality.

Our Neuroleadership Training Program* equips middle to senior managers as participants with vital skills to adeptly lead their teams and themselves amidst the complexities of a constantly changing environment, drawing a deep understanding of the subtle day-to-day influences that the brain exerts on behaviour. This program is built on a foundation of pioneering research, offering a practical and engaging learning experience accentuated by interactive coaching sessions. The curriculum is delivered in an energetic, participatory manner, ensuring complete engagement as attendees explore the application of neuroscience in enhancing leadership capabilities.

Sharpen the cognitive edge with improved rational thinking and smarter decision-making that steers the organisation towards success.

Boost motivation to ignite a surge of drive in measurable performance gains and a thriving workplace culture.

Elevate the dialogue to new height with enhanced communication skills that ensure every interaction is impactful and every message is clearly understood.

Cultivate the spirit of collaboration by fostering network, and strengthen the collaboration by turning individual contributions into cohesive work.

Actualise the principles of transformational leadership through an advanced comprehension of neuroscientific insight that contributes to the fulfilment of the organisation’s visionary objective.

Dr Edmi is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA). Drawing upon his extensive academic background as a medical doctor coupled with a doctoral degree in neurosurgery, Dr. Edmi has fervently devoted himself to the application of neuroscience principles in societal domains, particularly within the realm of leadership over the past nine years. Recognised as a distinguished authority in neuroleadership, his exceptional pedagogical approach and profound expertise promise to enrich the participants’ leadership acumen, positioning them as indispensable leaders in their respective spheres.

* Customised Programme Available

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