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Location & Facilities

Where is ILIA Located?

The ILIA office is located on the 2nd floor, ILIA Building, within the University campus.

Is there prayer room at the building?

Yes, prayer room is located at the 3rd floor.

Where is the venue for ILIA’s programmes?

For ILIA’s Professional workshops it will be at ILIA’s building, however for iLEAPS programmes, we are happy to run the programmes depending on client’s venue preference.

Is ILIA on social media?

Yes. You can follow us on Instagram: @ilia.ubd.

How many workshop rooms are available in ILIA?
  • ILIA Conference Room that can accommodate up to 60 participants (seated in groups of 3 to 4)
  • ILIA Executive Room 1 – can fit up to 30 participants.
  • ILIA Executive Room 2 – can fit up to 40 participants.
  • ILIA Workshop Room – can fit up to 30 participants.
  • ILIA Lecture Theatre – can fit up to 120 participants.

For room booking, please email to – Office of Promotion and Events Management (OPEM), UBD

Does ILIA share the same building as IPS, C3L, BILIF and UBD Internal Audit Office?


i-LEAP (Executive Development Programmes) FAQs

What is i-LEAP?

The i-LEAP stands for ILIA Leadership Executive Advancement Programme. It is also known as the Executive Development Program, offered in various levels ranging from junior management, middle management, and senior management.

Who are eligible to join i-LEAP?

The i-LEAP is designed for executives within government and private organisations.

What is the minimum number of participants to join the i-LEAP programme?

The minimum number of participants is usually 20 and the maximum number can reach up to 30 participants per cohort.

How long does it take to complete the i-LEAP?

The program can take up to 14 weeks to complete. ILIA also provides a more flexible pathway or mode of learning that suits an executive’s busy schedule.

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